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Dear Vacationers,

As a superhero fan, I always like to imagine myself as Ironman, but in this case I just might be your fairy godmother because I bet that you’re in need of a vacation. I can help grant you a magical getaway.

As the owner of the Abacos villa at the Bahama Bay Resort, I can offer you the ideal, tropical backdrop for your Disney or Florida vacation, complete with palm trees. I’m a computer geek with an engineering degree, but after my first son was born, I gave up the engineering job that required constant travel so that I could stay close to my family. Since then, I’ve been building my own small business specializing in computer services. That business is growing right along with my two sons, and so putting family first is always the best decision. My beautiful wife and I have already enjoyed a Disney vacation with the boys, and I look forward to making many more memories with the most important people in my life.

I hope that your stay at Bahama Bay Resort and the activities you plan on your holiday will bring you closer to those who join you in the adventure. Perhaps you’ll return here again and again. After all, every successful story has a sequel.

Well wishes,

Melvin Foo

Stayed in the Caribe Cove resort for a week. It exceeded all my expectations. Super clean, quiet and comfortable. Enough towels, plates and utensils unlike other rentals properties I've stayed in. AND unlike other rental units I've stayed in, this one actually has nice flat screened TVs rather than the old fashioned ones that weigh a tonne! The resort staff were helpful and friendly. It's a relaxing place to be especially away from the crowds of the parks. There is a cleaning, admin and other misc fees that needs to be paid but no real surprises since it was stated up front. Nevertheless, even with the extra fees, it worked out to be cheaper per day compared to a Disney resort hotel offering these kind of amenities.

Jon, Kentucky

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